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About MFS

   MFS (Music For Students) is a RISK FREE fundraising program that provides students exposure to live           musical performances from seasoned professionals while also spreading the message,
"                                                              "Don't Text and Drive."                                                                                                                                                             
   As of January 1, 2015, over 15 teenagers are killed each day in the U.S. from texting while driving.

These are epidemic statistics among teens, and something must be done. Just as in the war on drugs, awareness  is the only answer.

   The MFS program is content controlled and structured with an interactive educational value and 
    life saving message to all students.      

   Student involvement can include format choice, event organization, promotion and execution.

   A MFS representative meets with the student committee three times before the scheduled performance to     mentor & help guide the students through the event production process.
   The students have hands on experience in marketing, sales and live concert production with-in a
    team oriented framework. All MFS events follow the strict guide lines of the new Event Safety       
    Alliance.This helps to insure a safe and incident free concert event.

    The MFS program was designed with educational values in mind but can be presented with or without  s   student involvement as a concert or school fundraiser.
    Schools can use the MFS program to raise money for any school cause from the cheerleaders to the 
    business club, to the marching band or choir. The program teaches basic business and marketing skills       in a teamwork setting while also providing students a way to see live concerts in all musical formats.

(                                      (Acoustic, classical, jazz, R&B, rock, country.......)


   With the decline of federal, state, and local funding for the arts there is a genuine need for hands on
    student involvement in real world events that encourage social cooperation among young people.


   Our children must learn to cooperate and participate in real world business, culture and social           
   environments to become positive community members.
   Music concerts, hands on workshops from noted professional musicians, and music appreciation                   are all offered through the MFS program.

   An outlet for professional musicians to reach out and inspire young people and a chance for local
   businesses to contribute to the safety and welfare of the community by becoming event sponsors truly  
   makes this a win-win program for all.

    MFS exposes our students to live musical performances & experiences within a safe school environment
    It inspires, educates, entertains, and promotes safe driving habits with positive benefits for everyone

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