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MFS Outline

MFS Program Outline:

At least 6 students plus one school adviser or PTO representative are required in order to produce a MFS event.

The 6 students will spend time going over the details of event production from start to finish with a MFS representative. Students choose a team leader. Each student will recruit other students to form a group,  then pick a task to complete for the event. Each student & group will be responsible for his/her job. Approximately 3 production meetings will be required before the event. A successful concert event is the result of positive teamwork.

Students will meet at least 3 time with MFS representative to discuss the MFS syllabus and implement the event.

Students will be involved in the event production including:

- budget ( event costs, sponsorships, profit margins)

- working with an artist/ band

-picking/ researching the correct date & time for event

- event location

- ticket prices & ticketing methods

- recruiting sponsors for the event

-testimonial from a local resident that has experienced personal loss due to texting while driving.

- public relations, advertisement and marketing of event

- ticket sales

-event production and safety

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